Regardless whether we speak of a start-up company, a mature company or a company that is about to be closed, the risk of a tax audit from the tax authorities is always present. We can say from personal experience that tax audit procedures are lengthy, time and resource costly, driving in some cases to a blockage of your accounting department.

If the auditors are at your door, there are still a lot of things that can be saved and done, even on the last mile.

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In the same time, knowing well the legal framework and how to present the information and documents to the tax inspectors, makes the difference between a positive final decision, that does not challenge the tax base assessed by you, and a negative one, that burdens your company with additional taxes and late payment charges. We can help you in this respect by assisting your company with the following:

  • Assistance for organizing and preparing the back-up documentation upfront, as a precaution measure
  • Assistance during the tax audit procedure which can consist of accompanying you during discussions with the tax auditors
  • Support with drafting the explanatory notes that will be requested by the tax inspectors
  • Support for preparing the documentation that is backing up your tax position
  • Support for preparing your company’s point of view towards the draft conclusions of the tax audit report
  • Assistance with the preparation of the appeal to the tax audit report, which is a mandatory step before going to court.

Tax impact can greatly influence your business

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