A permanent professional development of the finance team should be an ongoing concern for the management of any company. Timely information of the staff will mitigate the risk of human error and may be a source of cost saving if we take into account that any tax treatment error may cause later on additional tax liabilities and late payment charges. In the same time, some business opportunities, that may be created from using available tax incentives, may be lost due to lack of information, since it’s well known the fact that such tax advantages are rare and limited in time.

One of our professional duty is to keep us updated with the latest tax legislation.

We are happy to share this info with your team in order to ensure that your business is compliant with the current legislation.
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Because your team has a busy schedule and any minute counts, we can organize dedicated tax training sessions, in your premises. Training materials shall be tailored based on your business and the members of your team may have the possibility to clarify some of the issues identified during their daily activity.

Tax impact can greatly influence your business

We can help you control this factor
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