The group of services that we deliver include also tax review and tax due diligence services. The objectives of a tax review may vary in terms of tax areas checked and periods covered. Nevertheless, the purpose of such an exercise is to identify potential tax risk sources or possible optimization solutions. The results can be useful for preparing the documentation for the next tax audits conducted by the tax authorities or to improve and optimize some aspects and processes of your business, in compliance with the tax legislation in force.

You need to know how your business stands, what are the risks, what you can due to mitigate them, or how can you optimize some aspects. The audit is coming anyway so it's better for you to be prepared.

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In addition, we can conduct tax due diligence missions within the context of buying or selling businesses and companies. Whether you are a buyer or a seller, our findings may improve your negotiation position and may bring you closer to a successful deal.

Tax impact can greatly influence your business

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