Whether we refer to isolated transactions or major business restructuring projects, checking for tax implications should be a mandatory step for the decision making process. Skipping this stage may cause negative impact upon the business on the long run, difficult to correct later on. Moreover, requesting the advice of an external partner, objective and with significant expertize in similar situations, may enhance the success of the envisaged transaction and/or the success of your next business project.

Tax impact may be the key to the success or the failure of your projects. An analysis of the tax implications, in the preliminary phase, is a must.

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Through the advisory services that we deliver, we can assist your business with the following: analysis regarding tax implications related to certain transactions, contract reviews for tax implications, review of internal process and procedures, analysis of restructuring projects and other similar operations. The result of our analysis shall consist of identifying potential tax optimization solutions and indicating possible risk exposures that your business may face from a tax perspective. Our analysis may cover a wide specter of tax areas, such as: corporate income tax (CIT), value added tax (VAT), withholding tax (WHT), individual taxation, local taxes and other taxes.

Tax impact can greatly influence your business

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